A brief introduction to the structural features of steel and wood armored doors

Time:2015-08-07 12:00:00

Steel and wooden armored doors take into account the functions of security doors and wooden doors, and gradually become the mainstream of entry door development. The following are a brief introduction to the structure and basic characteristics of armored steel doors.

1. The structure of steel and wood armored doors

Steel and wood armored door is a sturdy steel structure in the middle of the door fan. The front and back surfaces cover a beautiful and easy to replace board. The door fan is made up of steel plates (some are welded). The door frame is generally a decorative surface on the steel sleeve, and the surface is made of paintfree or paintwork.

2. Characteristics of steel and wood armored doors

Steel wood armored doors are strong against theft, strong and beautiful, adornment is strong, burglar and fire prevention, a dual-purpose. Steel and wood armored doors are the basic core of the steel security door, which makes use of the strong plastic characteristics of wood materials to play the flexible technology of wood making and processing, and to pack the steel core, pursue elegance, flexibility, internal and external precision and beauty. Provide more options for high grade customers. It has the characteristics of anti deformation, cracking, moisture-proof, moisture proof, sound insulation, thermal insulation and anti-theft.


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