Five ways to identify the authenticity of the original wooden doors

Time:2015-08-07 12:00:00

Look at the lines

The quality of the original wood door is clear and natural, and the lines and knots are symmetrical, but the size is not always the same. If it is not the original wooden door, but the wooden door with its grain on the surface, the texture will not be natural because it is too symmetrical. For example, composite solid wood is made of solid wood as an inner core, attached to veneer or stickers, and there are stitching marks on the surface.

Look at the carved flowers

The original wooden doors can create numerous carving techniques, beautiful and beautiful carving, and stronger three-dimensional sense. If it is not the original wooden door, it can not be carved directly on the door, can only be made solid wood applique, realistic and three-dimensional sense will be weaker.

Cross section

The original wood door cross section can see clear wood texture, no stitching marks. The lower grade solid wood doors are made of wood pulp or honeycomb paper. Although the consumers can not see the cross section of the wooden door when they are collecting the wooden doors, they can see the internal raw materials of the wooden doors when the workers open the lock holes and open the pages.

Look at the component

The original wooden door is made of solid wood and weighs heavier. Good original wooden door weight is above 70 Jin, very good can reach more than 100 Jin. The poor solid wood door is half lighter than the original wooden door, and consumers can judge by the opening and closing of wooden doors. In addition, the sound of good wood is thick and textured. When buying, it can knock the door outward and distinguish the true and false from the sound.

The original wooden door, solid wood door.

Look at the price

The unit price of the original wooden door is usually 2500 yuan ~1 million yuan, less than 2500 yuan can very well be not the original wooden door. In addition, the original wooden door can be selected for a lot of styles. Because its manufacturing process is cluttered and customized, it takes a longer time.


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