What is the production process of steel and wood armored doors

Time:2015-08-07 12:00:00

The so-called steel and wood armored door is a door type product with a strong steel structure in the middle of the door leaf and a beautiful and easy to replace wood panel on the front and back surface. It not only has the same appearance and natural texture as the wooden door, but also has the same anti sled and compressive properties as the steel and wooden doors. Many modern owners use it as a home door, and are often used in factory warehouse doors. The production process of steel wood armored doors is relatively simple.

1. Making the door core plate

According to the prescribed size, through a series of working procedures such as grinding, correction, leveling, rust removing, painting and cold pressure, the steel core (with a total thickness of 40mm and a steel plate with a thick outer layer of 1.0mm) is used.

2, making the outer decoration of the door leaf

Select the outer solid wood according to the contract requirements, then glue to the substrate (thick 2.0mm imported moisture proof high density board) and spray moistureproof paint.

3, the synthesis of door leaf

After gluing on both sides of the door leaf, it is synthesized and dried with two outer facing adhesive, and then processed into a door leaf (65mm or above) after processing, and the corresponding surface treatment is carried out.

4. Make a door frame

The high quality steel plate is made into a doorframe after cutting, bending and welding.

5. Assembly

According to the design requirements, select the required spare parts to be assembled to meet the requirements.

6. Test

It is divided into the inspection of purchased materials, the inspection of the processing process: the first part must be checked, the batch sampling and the finished product inspection shall be carried out according to the regulations.

7. Packing

After being tested, the products are packed and manufactured.

Although the production process of steel and wood armored doors is relatively simple, the quality of each step will affect the quality of its doors, so in order to ensure the quality of its steel and wood armored doors, it is suggested to find professional production enterprises to purchase the products of doors and windows.


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